Meet Our Vendors


Handmaid Creations

Handmaid Creations is dedicated to making products that are pure and wholesome to the body.  We make a line of creams that contain no petroleum products, only natural oils and ingredients that are nourishing and repairing to the skin.  Our food products are all made with organic ingredients and include granola, healthy fudge, a super seed mix, and gluten-free mixes - buckwheat pancake and waffle, cornbread and a muffin mix. Garden produce in season is all organic as well and includes kale, mustard greens, squash, zucchini, blueberries, select herbs and winter squash. 


Harold Shoemaker Woodworks

Harold Shoemaker is a lifelong resident of Doe Valley and resides there now with his wife Brenda. They have two children Kim Stout and Daniel Shoemaker, eight grandchildren and 3 great grand children.  After retiring from a mechanical career, he turned his attention to wood working. He now offers a variety of exceptional wood crafts and made to order items. All of his items are made for everyday use.  For fine hand crafted wood items made from local woods see Harold Shoemaker at the Johnson County Farmers Market.

Blevins Family Eggs   423-727-96823-727-9682

Blevins Fresh Brown Eggs from cage free, free roaming hens.  Year round eggs for your best cooking ever.    

Chestnut Grove Farms   www.chestnutgrovefarms.netc

Our goal is to produce the best grass fed beef, as naturally and humanely aspossibly. We take pride in knowing that our herd is fed the best pasture and hay in the High Country.  We raise registered Scottish Aberdeen Angus  from the Wye genetic line. Our beef is 100% grass fed and raised all natural. Our Angus graze on a mixture of orchard, clover, and timothy grasses.  The herd is given a combination of diatomaceous earth, kelp, minerals, and apple cider vinegar. None of our livestock have had steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics. Our hay fields supply their needs during a typically snowy High Country winter. All cuts are vacuum packaged and USDA inspected.  We have the beef cut and trimmed extra lean. We have beef available year round.  Organic vegetables in season are also offered by Chestnut Grove Farms including spinach, greens, potatoes, summer squash, garlic and winter squash.  When we are not at the market you may contact Keith at 828-773-3716


Joel and Gina Williams Stained Glass

Joel and Gina Williams are newlyweds who recently moved into a new home in Zionville, NC.  Joel teaches theatre at Appalachian State and Gina is a theatre props artisan who has worked at many regional theatres including the Barter in Abingdon, where Joel first met her.  Gina creates unique stained glass items that incorporate "found" and repurposed items that she finds during her shopping trips for props.  Gina also designs and creates commissioned pieces.  Gina creates and Joel is in charge of sales.


Singing Waters

Singing Waters is a small organic farm located above the Watauga River in southeastern Johnson Co. We produce a wide variety of organic and heirloom veggies seasonally. Included are lettuce, radishes, cabbage, bok choi, carrots, beets, green onions, peas, beans, corn, squash, peppers, cukes, watermelon, garlic, kohlrabi and of course tomatoes, to mention a few.  We also offer several preserved products, when available. Including pickled beets, salsa verde, dilly beans, pickled squash and applesauce.  Bob and Linda have been growing organic veggies for 40 years at several locations and in several capacities. They are very grateful to now be here in Johnson County.


Sweet Spring Farm  423-727-9183

Sweet Spring Farm is a 75 acre farm located along the TN/NC line.  We have been raising heirloom varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs and plants using organic methods since 1980.  Most of our transplants, produce and herbs are started each year from home saved seed. We raise chickens and turkeys without the use of antibiotics and on pasture for meat and eggs.  We also offer shares in our Angus steers, which are bred, born and raised without steroids or antibiotics on pesticide free pasture.  We sell our products at the Johnson County Farmers Market or by appointment at the farm.  See us on Facebook!

Wintergreen Farm   Website

At Wintergreen Farm we have greenhouses with vegetable and flower starts. We also have a choose and cut Christmas tree farm for your winter tree needs. We also wholesale Christmas trees. We are an IPM or Integrated Pest Management Farm.


Webb’s Eats

Webb's offerings include artisan breads; hot sandwiches; pastries or sweet breads. During local harvest season chilled veggie soup is also prepared.Knife sharpening available by request.


The Country Girl

The Country Girl ~ and (Two Sisters and a Farm)...are a local family here in Johnson county with a quaint hobby farm who offer our local farmers market with an assortment of handmade baked goods, fruit spreads, a few seasonal garden vegetables, local picked berries, plants, herbal healing salve, hand painted flower pots and other crafts.


Soul Shine Soap

I was born in Thunderbolt, Georgia and raised in Miami, Florida. As an Air Force brat, I was given the opportunity to see the world at a young age, which inspired a lifetime of wanderlust. I have a passion for all things natural and a green thumb to match. I  enjoy watching things grow, including my four children and my granddaughter. I have resided in Laurel Bloomery for almost 20 years now where I  maintain various organic herb, vegetable  and flower gardens – a lot of which I  utilize in my products. I have been making soap and concocting salves, lotion and balm`s for over 20 years now.  

 I often barter with friends and neighbors, which allows for locally obtained products that I add to my soap. I collect the water used in my products from a spring that flows directly from the source – the ancient Appalachians. 

I take pride in my products and I  create them with the planet in mind. I  reduce, reuse, and recycle in every way possible and I do my best to be a good steward.


Mimi’s Cupcakes

Mimi and Her Cupcakes bring shoppers gourmet cakes, cheesecake, cupcakes, and fresh baked goodies.  Mimi's Cupcakes have been called "cupcakes for grown-ups' because of the depth of flavors and special attention to high quality frostings.  Mimi comes from a long line of fantastic bakers and transforms heirloom recipes into delicious slices of goodness.  Although Mimi places emphasis on preparing small batch baked goods, she has provided cupcakes and cakes for weddings, anniversary parties, and larger events. Special orders are welcomed.

IMG 0983.JPG

Greiber Farm

Nestled along the banks of Beaverdam Creek in picturesque Shady Valley Tennessee. Greiber Farm is a family owned micro-farm specializing in an unique selection of vegetables bred for their flavor and attractive appearance.  At our farm we implement an integrated pest management strategy aimed at reducing the use of pesticides and impact on the environment.  We strive to provide the freshest produce possible by harvesting our vegetables the night before the market.

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The Farm at Green Gables or 423-727-7676

The Farm at Green Gables is a 23 acre farm owned by Blaine and Anita Smith.  They offer fresh eggs from pastured, free range hens (no antibiotics or growth hormones).  They also raise American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and have goat kids for sale during certain seasons of the year.  Their future plans are to offer goat's milk products including goat cheese.  Their barn at the entrance to their farm on Dug Hill Road is also part of the Tennessee Quilt Trail.


Harbin Hills Farms

Harbin Hill Farms, located three miles west of Mountain City and 1/2 mile up from Highway 67, is a relatively new farming operation focusing on the intensive production of organically grown fruits and vegetables.  We also have an apiary, recently approved as "Certified Naturally Grown". Future plans call for the development of a free-range poultry operation.  We currently have three "Hoop Houses", a small orchard, and about 1/2 acre of row crops.  In addition to selling at the Johnson County Farmers' Market, we sell to restaurants, at the Boone St. Market in Jonesboro, and at our on-farm market (open during the growing season).  For the 2017 season, we are introducing another option for our customers: a CSA Share.  Information on this option will be posted on our Facebook page:  We can also be reached at


Luxury Lettuce

Luxury Lettuce is a small Hydroponics Greenhouse that is owned and operated by Blake Robinson in Mountain City. We offer Hydroponically-Grown Bibb Lettuce that is GMO-Free and has never been sprayed with herbicide or pesticides. Luxury Lettuce is picked every Friday, year round to ensure its freshness and convenience for our customers. You can contact Blake Robinson at 423-612-2887 or email for any sales inquires or questions.

 DGS0632 2.jpg

A Bushel and  a Peck Farm is a small family run farm located on Greer Branch Road in Laurel Bloomery.  Our farm journey began in 2014 when we purchased our farm with the goal of being able to provide our family with the freshest, healthiest, chemical free food possible.  We quickly realized we loved farming and decided to branch out to selling our produce in the community as well.  We offer fresh eggs year round, and a large variety of fresh garden veggies grown with organic practices.  Check out our facebook page at