Food Security


1.Educational workshops and outreach

2. A "food hub" for coordinated information sharing on food resources

3. Home garden outreach and development

4. Marketing campaign for Johnson County Farmers Market

It is helpful to consider food security on a continuum. Communities can have three stages occurring simultaneously 

(Ross and Simces 2008):

Stage 1 – Short-term relief (efficiency)

Short-term relief includes emergency/charitable food programs such as food banks and soup kitchens that primarily address immediate hunger.

Stage 2 – Capacity-building (transitional)

Capacity-building food programs, such as community kitchens, community gardens, and farmers markets that have the potential to empower participants through education and training, and raise awareness of food issues.

Stage 3 – Redesign (systemic)

Redesign of the food system, through food policy councils, implementation of food policies, social enterprises and social advocacy to address poverty, deals with the shortcomings of both the charitable and community food programs and is aimed at improving the economic, ecological and social sustainability of the food system.

The Food Security Council has prioritized stage 2 - capacity building projects and stage 3 - redesign projects.  

County residents also see stage 2 and 3 projects as important next steps. 

We recognize the importance of agriculture to the local economy and the need to make high-quality food more affordable.  We recognize the importance of engaging the community in efforts to make Johnson County more self-sufficient in meeting families’ food needs while creating jobs and businesses. 

When “all community residents can obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance and social justice” then community food security will have been achieved.  The goal is to assist community members in realizing their vision for food security and increased quality of life in Johnson County.  

We'd love to have you join us.  Give us a call, send an email, or talk with us at the market. 

What does food security look like?

*A significant percentage of the food consumed in Johnson County will be produced and processed within the county.

*Everyone in Johnson County will have enough to eat.

*Agricultural businesses are a significant and viable part of the economy in Johnson County.

*Produce and meat from local farmers will be readily available in the community and affordable for all    Johnson County families.

*Local agricultural production will conserve soil and water resources.